Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Weeks Ago...

I didn't know what was in store...

If you'd have told me two weeks ago that I'd be more tired from biking, learning, and sweating than from a two-show day, I wouldn't have believed you.

If you'd have told me that I'd miss things like putting my feet up, I'd have laughed it off.

If you'd have told me that singing a song in a language I scarcely know would be the highlight of my day, I'd have wondered how that could be possible.

Now I see...

The value of a hug from a kind friend and family member on a much deeper level.

That driving (even in traffic) was such a luxury.

All the conversations in broken Spanish as a distant hope for my Thai in the near future.


I was greeted in the morning with coffee (my host is spoiling me). How sweet it is (mainly because it's 3-in-1 coffee, but also because I am just so lucky).

I had my first check-in of many throughout PST (Pre-Service Training) and got some very helpful and encouraging feedback from my Aa-jan (teacher).

I used wifi at lunch near the meeting hall and got to see my mom's face (it's a small world after all!).


I worked on a traditional Thai song with my host family, as well as other homework and continuing my practice of the Thai alphabet.

The mosquitoes let me alone more than usual thanks to the abundance of fans and DEET (you'd understand why I used such a harsh chemical if you saw my legs, I promise).

Finally, my host called her friend Pui in order for her to tell me a story in English that I wouldn't have understood with my limited Thai, yet. On the day we met, a week from tomorrow, all the host families received envelopes with our names and pictures inside but were ordered not to open them until they were told. She followed the rules and watched in anticipation as we entered the room to meet our new families. None of us knew who we'd be placed with, either, so it was a big surprise on both sides. She watched as trainee after trainee entered the room and said that, even though she hadn't opened the envelope yet, when she saw me, she knew I was the one. She leaned over and told her family, "There she is." When I heard this story tonight, a mixture of goosebumps, misty eyes, and a joyful smile came to the surface all at once. These are the moments that a lifetime of dreaming is made for.
Can you spot the farangs (foreigners)?
Two weeks ago feels like months already, but if my days are as rich as today, I will savor each with loving appreciation.

How sweet it is.


  1. what great perspectives. so proud of you! love you!

    1. Love you, too. Thank you for reading! Let's Skype! :)