Friday, January 4, 2013

Taking Stock

Breathing in the now.

I know that it's not possible to be certain what I'll miss until I've flown the coop, but as I was sitting in my family's most frequented Mexican restaurant in town, listening to Besame Mucho over the clanging and scraping of hungrily working knives and forks, I had a twinge of missing that was unexplained. When working with special needs classes over the past few years, a common phrase we'd say to the kids, "No besos," whenever they were being overly affectionate towards myself, aides, or fellow students suddenly came to mind. This song may not play in Thailand to remind me of moments such as those, but I will most certainly miss my kiddos, and all their unique quirks.

 As days dwindle down to a precious few, friends seem to come out of the woodwork to share goodbyes and good times. My heart fills with such joy at this. I stay here. For now. Keeping my mind on the present, their presence, which is such a gift.

How many friends would make a girl purses and blankets? I have a friend that incredible.
How many friends would put down everything to be by my side? I have a friend that incredible.
How many friends would drive across state lines to say goodbye? I have a friend that incredible.

So many examples of such a richly woven tapestry of love that I am honored to take with me wherever I end up.

Thank you, friends.


  1. You give others so much of yourself that they are only most pleased to offer what they have to you, my dear. You are a treasure. Love, Mama

  2. I have had great examples of kindness in my life, it is only natural that I should give of myself in such a manner. I'm amazed at how reciprocal this beautiful world is each day! Love you!