Friday, January 11, 2013

Departing Thoughs

It is time. 

The lists have been checked again and again. No more worrying about what to pack. What to sign. What to leave behind. Whatever is to come, I can sit in the hushed womb of this bus in peaceful trust.

Staging. Eating. Communing. Sleeping. Check.

Waking. Washing. Loading. Check.

Passport. Check. Visa. Check.

The ride as trainee has just begun, and already there is a sort of awkward charm about us all. Still figuring out nearly everything as we come to it, but knowing that, for the next three months at least, all 51 of us are in this together.

As SFO nears and the longest flight of my life commences, I have so much to share, but seemingly lack the basic words to articulate.

I leave with this. In a world such as this, every journey is a precious one. Dare to dream, and then dare to live that dream boldly.

Until we meet again, peace. 

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