Send Me

How to contact me (by mail) while I'm in Thailand...

Send mail indirectly via:
Jessica Larson, PCV 125
c/o Peace Corps Thailand
242 Rajvithi RoadAmphur Dusit
Bangkok 10300, THAILAND

For my direct address, PLEASE send me an EMAIL.
(I cannot post it on my blog for security reasons.)

Notes to remember:
*Best to send USPS.
*Letters, postcards, pictures, & packages are fun to receive, especially half a world away!
*Mail may take between one & a half to three weeks to reach its destination
*There are strict customs rules, so use caution if you have to claim items in a package.
*Angry Birds, Doremon, Hello Kitty, Mickey & Minnie Mouse are all the rage here.
*"Electronics" or "Vitamins" will never get delivered or cost me a full month's pay in fees.
*"Snacks" or "Educational Materials" valued at $30/- will find me much faster.

Supply Wish List:
(This idea stolen from my dear friend Laura)
*Colorful Sharpies, Paint, Crayons, Colored Pencils & Markers
*Colored Chalk - I work with chalkboards only and it gets pretty boring
*Construction Paper of all colors
*Board/Card Games - Old Maid, Trouble, Monopoly, Life etc.
*Children's Books
*Letter/Word Flashcards
*Map of the World
*Small Toys/Knickknacks - with an American slant preferably
*Any gently used teaching materials are welcome
*Pocket Charts

*Mexican Food
*Cheese (Keep dreaming, right?)
*Peanut butter pretzels
*Good Salad Dressing
*Chai/Mate/Healing Teas
*Good Chocolate
*Surprise Me!

For My Host Family:
*My hosts are organic farmers (mainly guava & bananas) who love learning about America
*Lam loves practicing his English daily & taking care of his land & animals (mid40s)
*Pigoon loves looking at pictures of destinations since she has NEVER travelled (late30s)
*My hosts' daughter (Pern) loves Barbies and volleyball. She is very smart & shy (15y/o)
*My hosts' son (Plum) loves cars, ping-pong and food. He is a total goofball (10y/o)
*We have a dog, two cows, and one hundred chickens...they're not really the present type.
*The fam acts like it's Christmas when I get a package. It's cool to surprise them!

Hall of Fame:

Shannon's letter was the first thing I received
in Thailand!

Lewis & Marty sent me my first package full of snacks!

Shannon sent me another wonderful letter!
Eloise sent me a whole package of stickers and
stuffed animals!

Books, and stickers, and goodies! Oh my!
Thanks to Mom, Dad, Jenna, & the Ramirez family
for this package of fun that I get to share & wear!

Kathy sent me great books, stickers, art supplies,
adorable temporary tattoos, mac&cheese,
hair ties & yummy salad dressing!

A wonderful care package of love arrived for my
birthday thanks to my amazing parents! xo

Ole and Lena sent me a lovely birthday card! xo

Brandon sent my first Christmas care package.
The most elaborate, decadent, and celebratory
bundle of joy I've had the pleasure to unwrap!

Thank You!