Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas in Khokphet

‘Twas the day of Christmas, and all through Khokphet,
Not a student was sure of just what they would get.
They heard Ms. Jessie chatting with teachers, so jolly,
But knew not a thing of gingerbread or holly. 

So into four groups they were parted and placed.
They learned about Santa and as elves they raced
To save Christmas day for all girls and boys
By running St. Nick his hat for the delivery of toys. 

In the canteen they sat ‘round to hear a short tale
Of chasing and tricks by a gingerbread male.
After each boy and girl with sweets did decorate
A cookie that after lunch they hurriedly ate.

Off in the distance, children learned a short song
Of Rudolph the reindeer, whose nose made a long
Foggy night of Christmas a doable feat.
After which reindeer headbands were made. What a treat! 

With Mrs. Praneet the kids learned the reason
People celebrate differently during the winter season.
Whether lighting of candles, or birth of their king,
The songs and traditions are all worthy the sharing.

Then, off each little one went with a skip
Cookies in tummies, headbands for the trip.
Homeward they travelled with smiles so bright,
Singing “Wish you a merry Christmas!” well into the night.

*Many thanks to all those who sent care packages to make 250 gingerbread cookies and reindeer headbands possible for my sweet students. You know who you are, and you rock!

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