Sunday, October 20, 2013

Full Moon Ruminations

The muted pastels darken to bold jewel tones
Sun sets as moon rises and the sky shifts
Cotton candy stripes transform to 
Streaks of bloodstained clouds 
Boldness of a white orb pulling faces
As the background fades to reflect the depth
Of a soul wandering
Eyes searching for stars
A constellation that looks like home
With none to be found
Flood lights hide the messages
Read by generations before
Leaving behind an emptiness
All red, all blue, all white
Shifting in the darkness
Conveying nothing but longing

A deep breath as eyes close to hear
Straining for a message carried by the wind
Water rushes and retreats
Leaves brush one another
Telephoning a message
Left unheard by billions
In this disconnected world
The value of this rich soil beneath these hardened soles
The scent of a thousand blossoms opening to a new crop of life
The whisper of a new history to come
As life shifts from what ifs to what has beens
Will no one listen?

We build up our own mole-hills to impressive mountains
That have only served to strand us when the tides come in
Marooning us on islands of our own making
Unable to read the stars
Hear the wind
Taste the wealth
Of the world we have been blessed with
Of the world we have taken
For granted

Come with me
Build your rafts, your life boats
Weave it from the trees you've taken too early from this
All to precious orb we call earth
Devise a sail woven by the yarns you've created
To make yourself so important
So far removed from the you I see
You stand alone, as I do
Wind at your back, begging you to hear
Tide at your feet, calling you forth
Sail to me
Be free


  1. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
    and right doing there is a field.
    I'll meet you there." -Rumi
    Love you!

    1. With you always. Lying in the tall grass as the sun warms our bodies and the clouds rest perfectly above to shade our eyes...