Wednesday, June 19, 2013

To Nong Baitoey with Love

A smile so eager to meet the world
Teeth jutted forth ahead of the rest
Dimples dotted the tops of cheeks
As if to exclaim the joy of living

Would that I could have seen

A fearless spirit in a room full of uncertainty
Eyes searched for meaning where words failed
Brain processed, thoughts formed
New words passed through those lips

Would that I could have understood

A laugh so lilting songs could be written
To capture the magic of such bubbling joy
At life's surprises, teacher's clowning
Happiness and uncertainty alike made way to tittering

Would that I could have heard

He walked me to school again this morning
Your puppy who shared your same eagerness to know me
Stayed longer than I would have liked
What was he trying to say

Would that I could have known

Class wasn't to meet because of our visitors
But I missed my students so I came up
Wondering eyes watched as I entered but
Whose was the first smile to greet me

Would that I could have stayed

A lesson lying in wait
A story waiting to be told
A work in progress
A day at a time

Would that I could have had more with you

Now every eye drinks in the reality of your passing
Every tear shed sings in sorrow for the loss of your laugh
Action makes use of would haves
Realizing the preciousness of it all

Oh, to have you here again
Nachaporn "Baitoey" Sanpuan


  1. What a beautiful remembrance, Jessie!

  2. Ahh, Baitoey, your beautiful, short life here on Earth, touches even me, so far away in America. I, too, weep in your passing and search for meaning in your too short stay. You brightened the path of others that knew you. You wil be most sorely missed, dear one, and your sweet smile and dancing eyes will be treasured memories for those who remain. Blessings and love to Baitoey.

    1. And this, in itself, makes all the difference. Her voice may not be heard again, but her impact continues to be felt.