Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Poem for the Sleepless

The days fly by as quickly as the nights seem to crawl. 
Tonight, I write.


Fan blowing my once well managed hair
Into a frizzy whirling mess
Eyes droop, arms itch, feet twitch
With the balancing act that is
My body adjusting to a new world

Laughter turns to tears of joy
As words that once came so easily
Now start and stop as labored as my bike ride
Across sun soaked asphalt
On days as damp as a locker room in the on-season

Tables turned
Teacher becomes student
Lessons learned
Through careful study
And hard-knocks

Still, the sight of the golden sun rising
The rice field exhaling its warm breath
Children playing and laughing hard
New friends building lasting memories
That same sun burning red as it finds its resting place

These are the moments that fill my heart
Steady my nerves
Guide my path
Ever closer to knowing
Nearer to understanding

Embracing the unknown, I journey on
Heart on my sleeve
Sweat on my brow
Arms browned
Brain loaded

I live to learn
Learn to grow
Grow to love
And in that loving find myself
Perfectly placed

Balanced, however unsteadily
With one foot always heading forward
One foot firmly planted
Eyes on the bend in the road before me
Seemingly knowing nothing

What pure humility this journey has taught me
Being born into the world as a babe again
No language but the language of loving kindness
A home, a meal, a smile, a gesture, a word
Deeper grow my roots

And now, for bed.
Sweet Dreams - ฝันดี


  1. Sweet dreams, my dear one. My sleep come and nestle you in its arms..til I can hold you, once again.
    Love, Mama

  2. :) There are days where rest is overrated, but a mother's love is always appreciated. Hugs!